Our friends in Knuckle Puck stopped by the GK office to perform “Home Alone” Acoustic!


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Video: Tom Falcone


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We sat down with 3/4 of New Found Glory in Austin, TX for an exclusive acoustic performance of their new song Ready and Willing from Resurrection (out now!)

Hopefully you haven’t missed the tour. We still have another 4 weeks, so head over to theglamourkillstour.com to see when we might be closest to you.

Hang out with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low tomorrow at Zumiez at the One Square Mall in Saugus, MA! Meet and greet goes from 1-3pm and it’s limited to the first 300 people, so get there early!

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The first day of this tour was like walking into a friend reunion, if that sort of thing exists. It was refreshing to start a tour with bands you’ve already met. I love that. It’s only five days in and I can already tell this will be one to remember. 

I feel lucky enough to tour the U.S. with New Found Glory but to experience this new record cycle with them is a whole different story. This band has a huge influence on the music we play and I know some of the guys in our band wouldn’t have picked up a guitar if it wasn’t for NFG. But this new journey of theirs is really inspiring. In a new beginning type of way. You rarely see the “come back” of a band done this well and so naturally. And so I’m inspired as a fellow musician to see this drive in person every night. You’ll know exactly what I mean if you see this show.
The crowd has an awesome energy on this tour too. It’s no surprise to us that the majority of these long time NFG fans have no idea who we are or what we’re about and I love that. It creates this healthy challenge for myself personally to try to connect to those people every night. If I can get one skeptical person with their arms crossed to uncross their arms and pay attention for even one song, I’m one step closer to reaching my goal. But that’s not the awesome part i’m talking about. The awesome part is seeing this crowd full off all different types of people (whether they’ve known our band since day one or it’s their first times for seeing us), come together for each bands set and have genuine fun. It never feels like anyone is “too good” for anyone. Honestly, It’s what a show should be. It’s amazing. I expect to come back from this tour with closer friends and incredible memories. I can’t wait to see what the rest of it unfolds.
Hope to see you out there!


📷: jeredscott

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Welcome to the 5th Annual Glamour Kills Tour! Cyrus from New Found Glory here. The first few shows have been nothing short of amazing, although we’ve been extremely busy so far. We’ve been doing these cool VIP soundcheck parties and meet and greets where a group of our fans get to come in to watch us play a few songs and we’ve been taking requests on the spot…we’ve definitely played some random old songs at these soundchecks with no practice at all…it’s kept us on our toes for sure!

We’ve also been doing in-store signings and acoustic performances at cool local record stores, supporting the local record store scene while also promoting our new record, Resurrection, which by the way, comes out TOMORROW everywhere (if it’s not already out in your country). Go get it now from a local record store, iTunes, or anywhere you can buy CD’s, records, or music in general! We’ve been playing new songs off of this album live and the response has been great. We’re actually playing a cool mix of songs this tour, both old and new, and even throwing in a few songs here and there that we never seem to play live. So if it’s been a while since you’ve seen us in concert, now’s your time to get back out here and see some songs you’ve probably never seen us play before live.

Today is a day off for us in El Paso, Texas, and we head to Austin, TX tomorrow for another show, and Record Release Day! I’ll probably try and meet up with some of the guys in We Are The In Crowd tonight to catch the Monday Night Football game before we leave town. By the way, the other bands on this tour are awesome, and if you don’t know who they are, you should really check them out! We’ve toured with all of them in the past, We Are The In Crowd in the UK/Europe, Fireworks all over the world, and Candy Hearts in the US and also in the UK later on this year. They are all great bands and great people, and I’m excited to be spending the next few weeks on the road with them!

That’s about it! Off to a mall, movie, and everything else that we always seem to do on days off…until next time!


Hey it’s chad!
3 shows down. I can’t believe the reaction of the crowds this tour so far. Y’all have always been crazy but it seems different and it seems more! It feels even better. It’s nuts for us too because the new songs are getting great reactions already. That’s rare for us even on our bigger albums. Like when catalyst first came out the new songs went over okay until a bit later. Resurrection songs are going off and the album isn’t even out yet! The power of the interwebz I guess! First day off for us today in El Paso. Just got my eyes checked and need glasses. The cashiers were speaking Spanish and I got insecure thinking they were laughing at my big doofy self but then when I was about to leave they asked for a photo! Hahah.
I think I’m gonna see two movies today! Annabelle and Gone Girl! That’s the plan! Get our record tomorrow and come see us on the tour!
Thanks Everyone!
Love y’all.

📷: jeredscott

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