DIY Tutorial- Bleach Splatter

Hey guys! This week we took advantage of the sunny weather and did an outdoor DIY. Here’s a cool way to add a cool burnt out look to a darker shirt!

What You’ll Need:

WARNING: Bleach is corrosive and can do serious damage to your skin, so wear gloves and avoid rubbing your eyes as you do this DIY. It can also damage your clothing, wear something you don’t mind getting ruined. If you’re under the age of 16, you might want to have some supervise you.

Step One: Mix bleach and water in spray bottle.

Depending on what bleach you use, mix your bleach and water in your spray bottle. The general rule of thumb is one part bleach and three parts water, although you can add more bleach if you want your shirt to look lighter. Never go higher than 50% bleach/50% water!

Step 2: Lay out your shirt face down, and twist your tee.

To twist your tee, pinch the center of the shirt and gently twist. Like tie dye, the tighter you twist your shirt, the less bleach will get on your shirt.

Step 3: Gently spray your shirt.

The more concentrated you spray, the lighter it’ll be later on.

Step 4: Let your shirt dry completely, and then wash it separately in the laundry.

You’ll see the bleach dye the shirt almost immediately, but depending on how much bleach you used, it might take a few hours. Don’t touch the shirt until it’s completely dry. Once the bleach is set, wash it separately in the laundry to keep the bleach from staining anything else.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • To get that splattered look, let the bleach drip from the spray bottle, or dip a paintbrush into your bleach/water mix and let it drip over the fabric.
  • The bleach might soak through and stain the front of your shirt. If you don’t want that to happen, line the inside of your shirt with plastic wrap or cardboard.

And there you have it! Happy crafting!

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5- This is what the bleach looks like after drying for a few minutes.
The bleach should dye the shirt white like this after an hour or so
The final result!
Your shirt should look like this after it's washed.

Our girl Alysha Nett is ready for summer in the Hypergalactic Bikini! Read how she got her start in the modelling world at!

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As a model turned buyer, Alysha Nett is an inspiration to young girls who look to seize opportunities and forward their professional careers. Read how she got her start:

I get questions every single day via tumblr, twitter, etc. from aspiring models that want advice on how to be a model or how to “make it” as some seem to think I have. It’s hard answering every question so I hope people find these write-ups I’m doing for Glamour Kills to be helpful or interesting, in the least. I can’t really give a “how-to” but I can tell you guys my story.

I was 19 when I did my first photo shoot. I lived in Wichita, KS and worked at a call center for $8.00/hr (which was a lot, i thought). I had a Myspace and received a message from a photographer local to my area. I decided to give it a try. I was terrible. Every photo I looked like a deer in headlights. I was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to show expression in my face. After that, I did a couple more but nothing too serious.

Shortly after, I started dating a photographer in town whose work i had previously admired. In the time we saw each other he taught me how to let go and feel comfortable in front of the camera. He used to tell me that if I could work a white wall in a photoshoot then i could handle anything. We built a small but solid portfolio and i put it on the internet when I created a Model Mayhem account. In that same time I started my blog on tumblr ( Using Model Mayhem allowed me to find creatives in bigger markets that were somewhat near to my location. I started by traveling up to Kansas City, down to Dallas & Austin, then 12 hours to Chicago. By making myself present in other markets it opened the door to new teams being interested in working with me. I started getting offers to fly to LA & NYC to work and would do so on occasion. At this time I had also managed to put myself through beauty school and was working full-time as a hair stylist at a salon. Doing hair was fun, but traveling and creating was my real passion. I struggled to make much money. In fact, I would often spend what I made while traveling to where I was. My parents were angry with me and wanted me to “quit with the modeling” because it was interfering with the real world. After two years of traveling once or twice a month, it was becoming too much. After a final trip to NYC, I realized while there that I had no desire to go home. At all. When that realization occurred my life changed forever.

Hours upon coming home to Kansas, I had broken up with my boyfriend and quit my job. I sold all my things and within two weeks had moved all my things to my mother’s in Dallas, TX. I was 22 years old and it was the first time in 4 years I had lived with my parents. For the most part, my mother’s place was a storage for my things. I spent that first summer traveling the country in my car. I stopped city to city and booked shoots via model mayhem, email, & various social media outlets. toward the end of the summer some friends of mine in Philadelphia asked me if i wanted to move in to their guest room. I took the opportunity and happily moved in. With New York so close, I would take the $20 bus (round trip!) and spend the day (or a few) in the city, shooting and networking. It was around this time that I also decided to spend more time in LA. My photographer friend opened his door to me and invited me to stay the winter in his guest room. I drove my car across the country from philly to LA and stayed. I did this same sort of routine for another year.

After my second winter in LA I had the same realization as before- I did not want to go back. I had a trip to Europe planned so I decided to do that before making any major decisions. I went to England and France for 3 1/2 weeks. While there, I was very fortunate to work with FRONT Magazine on my first cover shoot. I had applied to model for them prior via webcam, and had done a couple features that were shot in the states, but getting the cover as an American was major. I shared the cover with Arabella Drummond and thankfully for me, it was received quite well. After this trip, I also decided to retire my “signature” hair cut that I had been rocking for the last couple years. I think I single handedly wore that side cut dead, haha. I returned to the states, grew my hair out, and moved to LA. I had stacked a little cash from my visit to Europe and was able to move to LA into the apartment of my dreams.

My first summer in LA was intense. I was out every night, working every day, and trying to meet as many people as I could. I’ve always stayed true to myself and kept my values that were instilled to me as a kid. Don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t steal, work hard, and always smile. Through all this, I’ve traveled the world, worked with top companies and brands, and appeared in a national television commercial. I’ve appeared in shows on MTV and TLC. I’ve graced the cover of 5+ magazines and had photo t-shirts sold in stores like Urban Outfitters and PacSun. Some people would feel accomplished by this, but for me it is never enough. That drive and ambition is what has helped set me apart from other models. The biggest part about “making it” in this industry (or any industry for that matter) is perseverance.  Always have a goal and never give up. Embrace what makes you different and capitalize on it. 

Follow Alysha @alyshanett

Photos: Sara Forrest

Getting together some summer essentials, like the Dreamer SnapBack, sandals, and GK Logo Towel!

Ways to Wear featuring T.U.K.

We’re obsessed with our T.U.K Floral shoes! Not only are they super comfortable, but the floral print makes a statement and gives off a spring vibe. We styled ours with the Hyper Love Tank Top and a denim skater skirt, and added some pastel accessories to create a flirty, fun, spring look.

How do you guys style your T.U.K. shoes and Glamour Kills?

We picked rings that are easy to mix and match, and pull this floral look together.
Colorful cameras are not only cute accessories, but perfect for capturing your adventures!
Bold sunglasses are one of our favorite accessories this season!

Loving this warm weather and the Unicorns are Forever Cut Sleeve Tank! #glamourkills

Photo: @saraforrest

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Flower Power babyyy 🍄

Great day to break out the new CDR Long Sleeve Crew Tee!

DIY Tutorial- Skull Cut Sleeve

Hey guys! Summer’s almost here, which means tanks and cutsleeves galore! Here’s a fun way to give an edgy vibe to your cutsleeve tank.

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1: Make stencils for the eyes and nose out of the manila envelope or cardboard, and trace them with a marker on the back of your tank.

Make two large ovals for eyes, and a small triangle shape for the nose. When tracing your stencils, leave room in each of the eyes and the nose for a small strip. This will make sure the holes won’t stretch out over time.

Step 2: Cut out the eyes and nose.

Carefully cut out the eyes and nose, following the lines you made with your marker.

Step 3: Make the stencils for the teeth out of the manila envelope or cardboard, and then trace them on the back of your tank.

Once you’ve seen how your tank looks with the eyes and nose cut out, you can see how large or small you need to make the teeth. Have fun with it! The more jagged the teeth are, the edgier it’ll look! Remember to space out the teeth- if they’re too close together, the tank might rip.

Step 4: Cut out the teeth.

Make sure you take your time when you cut out each individual tooth. You can adjust the size and spacing as you cut, but don’t stretch the fabric too much otherwise the fabric will rip.

And there you have it! Here’s a few tips and things to keep in mind:

  • Cardboard is easier to place and trace, but the manila envelope is easier to cut and make stencils. Use whatever you’re more comfortable with!
  • To make a cut out, fold the fabric so that the fold intersects your marker line. Make a small cut along the marker, and unfold the fabric.
  • Don’t worry about making perfect stencils! The more uneven and jagged the lines are, the spookier it looks.
  • Avoid stretching out the fabric as much as possible as you cut up your tank. It might rip the fabric, and ruin your look.
  • Take your time! This DIY might take a little longer, but you don’t want to end up ruining your tank

Happy crafting! Make sure you show us your skull tanks by tagging us on Instagram and Twitter!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Sending you all good vibes on this lovely Friday!

Photo: Sarah Forrest

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