Celebrating 10 years of Pop punk, Pizza, and Staying Weird


So much has happened over the past year and what’s a better way to commemorate 10 years of staying weird and never quitting our day dream and the relaunch of the new Glamour Kills then throwing a huge kick ass party?

Yeah, we thought so too. And here it is:


This event would entail an intimate evening with Jack Barakat from All Time Low, Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd, Vinnie Caruana from I Am The Avalanche & The Movielife, and the wonderful and charismatic man who believed in us all and instilled the mentality of never quitting our dreams and the man who lives by those words: Marky Capicotto.

Aside from those important details of WHO is going to be there, doors are at 8PM, and tickets are $15 and you can get them here!

Get ready to dance your faces off

Hope to see you there!

x GK