Exclusive Stream: A Will Away


Consider this a present from us to you for the Holiday season. Aside from our epic Birthday Bash coming up, we wanted to give you something a little bit more tangible for everyone. So here it is: an acoustic set exclusively for Glamour Kills from the band A Will Away.


The EP is available for download on Soundcloud!

A great blend of acoustics and melodic sounds to make any holiday party or lazy sunday feel complete. Bliss is definitely a great EP to just chill out to or help you focus on finals.


We had the opportunity to ask the band a couple of questions about the formation of the band, their inspirations, and life on the road.

picture pulled from @awillawayct instagram

Glamour Kills: What made you want to form the band?
A Will Away: We love music. More specifically, Rock music. It’s always been a dominating part of all of our lives. The ideas that started this band came from the minds of our 17 and 18 year old selves. We had no idea what we were doing, we had no idea why we were doing it; but we loved every second of playing music together so we never stopped.

GK: Where does most of their inspiration lie as far as their sound and the songs the write?
AWA: The vibe is everything. The first step to writing an AWA song is to make it feel good. We collectively listen to a huge variety of music so if an influence works for a song, the genre doesn’t matter.

Aside from that we have a few basic conventions that we often follow to try and create a cohesive and transparent listening experience from song to song. Like only saying things on the record that you’d say in real life; or never repeating hooks for the sake of it.

GK: What’s their most memorable experience that had happened while touring?
AWA: We have a lot of memorable tour stories but the most memorable would have to be the entire Full U.S. Tour that we did this past summer with Head North, Light Years, and Casey Bolles. That tour was a faith-testing experience for us.

Just after releasing Bliss and prior to our signing to Triple Crown Records we spent the very last of our money on the only functioning van we could afford at the time – a 1985 Ford Econoline. After driving 11 hrs to pick it up and righteously dubbing our new steed “Harrison Ford” we brought him out on a handful of tours. We planned on retiring Harrison and saving up for a new van but we were unexpectedly offered the aforementioned tour so we accepted and crossed our fingers that Harrison would make it through.

Then we went out on a Full U.S. Tour…with a 30 y/o van…made mostly of sheet metal…with no AC…in July. Harrison could barely make it up hills, stalled out and wouldn’t restart for 45 min at a time, and burned 2 quarts of oil every other day but by god he made it through – and so did we.

If you want to find out what your best friends are really made of — pile them in a 30 year old van for 6 weeks, turn up the Petty and see who’s running down a dream.

GK: Is there anything specific in their sector of the music industry that’s exciting to the band — or in the Music Industry in general?
AWA: People seem to be creating and consuming more melodic rock music again these days. We dig that.

GK: What’s currently on their playlist?
AWA: Lots of stuff. Tons of classic rock and 80’s pop/rock. We’ve been jamming some newer releases like Better Off, Head North, Microwave, Somos, and Turnover to name a few. Pretty sure Johnny’s been on a Project Pat kick.


If you like what you hear, you can follow the band on their website & via social media:
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