Thank You for Everything so Far

Posted on April 14 2016

As you all have seen, we recently added New Spring stock to our website. We brought back some of the old styles that you loved along with brand new styles. However, this blog post is much more than notifying you of our new product. Mark and the Glamour Kills team just wanted to say Thank You for believing in us. Thank you for your unwavering support that you all have provided Mark and our team with over the past year.

After the hypothetical rug was pulled right out from under our feet, the past year has proved to be a journey of hills and valleys to get to where we are today. No matter how long we've been in existence, we keep learning. We keep growing. We thank you for sticking with us and believing in us so much. This is all for you. This is your brand and we plan to keep it that way.  

For our friends in Europe, over the next couple of months we'll be figuring out the best way to get a new store for you as well as better shipping prices so you can also enjoy the new product we'll be releasing. Be keep being patient, we're getting there!

All the Best to you and here's to Ten Years and Beyond,

Glamour Kills  


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