Exclusive Stream: Crooked Teeth

Posted on May 13 2016

In the past, we've often collaborated with artists both old and new to premiere and debut singles and EPs that they've been working on for so long. This time, we are honored to be able to exclusively debut Crooked Teeth's debut song "Golden Boys"! We also had the opportunity to ask Tyson a few questions about the band and things brewing in the music industry.  

The song is available for download on Soundcloud!

photo courtesy of @crookedteethca

Glamour Kills: As generic of a question that this is, what moved you to start your band? 

Crooked Teeth:  The desire to inspire! Not only others but myself. When songs hit me in the gut, or any sort of art for that matter, I hang on to that feeling forever. I return to songs/records/books/movies that hit me in the gut. I want to offer that feeling for someone through my artistic expression. It's also for my own sanity and to combat hanging out in my head for way longer than is needed.

GK: Who are your inspirations? 

CT: Currently, Bernie Sanders. In music, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Saves the Day, Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. In film, Judd Apatow, the Cohen Bros and Rob Zombie.

GK: Is there anything that really excites you that’s either going on already in the music industry, or is about to happen?

CT: I really really love the sound that's coming out of that Burger Records scene right now. Bands like Fidlar, Wavves, Best Coast, The Frights and SWMRS. I think all those artists have the potential to shed light on the punk and indie circuits in the midst of progressing on a more commercial level. Really excited to see what PVRIS do next as well.

GK: Most memorable moment ever since starting the band. 

CT: Meeting and collaborating with people who inspired me to write songs and work hard. That's always a serious head trip to me. I know that sounds vague and cliche but truthfully I love seeing life come full circle and I live for that.

GK: What’s on your playlist right now?

CT: You Vandal, Beach Slang, Turnover, Dinosaur Pile-Up, PUP, Modern Baseball, Light Years, Superdrag, Third Eye Blind, Green Day, Halsey, Panic! at the Disco, Weezer, Taylor Swift, Tancred, Kacey Musgraves, Brian Fallon, Bad Religion, Anti Flag, Bruce Springsteen, Thin Lizzy, Quicksand. I could go on, the jams never cease.

If you're interested in finding out more about Crooked Teeth, click on the links below! 

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