RECAP: GK 10 year Birthday Bash

Posted on December 28 2015

Last Sunday night was wild. All of us at Glamour Kills are so grateful for everyone who attended. We are so lucky to have such great friends and fans who believe in us as much as we believe in you all. We just wanted to extend a huge "thank you" to all of you. Shout out to Jack Barakat, Tay Jardine, and Vinnie Caruana for being cool enough to come hang out and DJ with us for the night. Also, to Vinny for helping us get all set up and Catherine & Tom for taking amazing pictures. Last but not least, huge ups to Webster Hall for letting us throw our party at their venue and Emo Night BK partnering up with us for this occasion!

Instagram photo courtesy of @thomasfalcone To check out more pictures, check out our Facebook page and see the GK 10 Year Birthday Bash Album

Don't forget to tag yourselves if you see yourself! 

Love and Happy Holidays, 
Glamour Kills 


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